Katy Khakpour

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"The Sisters—Murder Denied"

Seeking Representation 

When Stephanie Grimble, a young stripper on trial for the murder of her fiancé, disappears from her jail cell, she unleashes a string of intrigue and unmasks long-held secrets. Attempts to rescue Stephanie from herself have been a lifelong quest for her older sister, Rosemary. Will she be able to find Stephanie through the muddled quagmire? Are people what the sisters presume them to be? Should they believe what they see and hear?

"The Sisters—Murder Denied" is the first of three books featuring Rosemary and Stephanie Grimble.



Katy Khakpour has been an observer of life since she was a young child. Moving from Iran to the United States forced her to both learn and understand a new language and a new culture. Listening and storytelling became the ways she was able to do both. What are people thinking? What motivates them? Why did they say that? Or do that?
Now it is time to tell those stories.


Currently reading

"Man's Search for Meaning," by Victor E. Frankl

"The Premonition" by Michael Lewis

"Crossing the River" by Carol Smith


"For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks."

Friedrich Nietzsche



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